New Representation and the 1%
17 June 2011

It’s my pleasure to announce two new things.  First, I am now represented by Postmasters Gallery run by the excellent Magda Sawon, Tamas Banovich, and their assistant Paulina Bebecka.  I’m currently working on my first solo show with them this October.  I look forward to working with them in New York having long admired their challenging program.  Second, I’m pleased to present my first letterpress print, The 1%, a philosophy of the super wealthy.  The print grew out of a request by artist Michelle Vaughan to produce something for her husband Felix Salmon’s birthday.  Something relatively small turned into a rather ambitious typesetting project that Michelle executed at The Arm letterpress in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Michelle took on a major challenge in typesetting and printing the work.  It was a pleasure to work with her on the print, and Felix now has #1.  Alright, enough self-promotion, having been shamed by Peter Plagens for using my blog to promote my work, I’m going to make a news section for this stuff.  Self-promotion is a shitty job but somebody had to do it for the last 9 months…

Image: A Philosophy of the 1%, Letterpress on paper, ed. of 25, 2011. Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery

Having looked at a lot of contemporary art I thought we resolved the class problem.

admin says:

I’m engaging in class warfare. It’s called satire.

You and Postmasters seem like a great fit…congratulations and good luck!

Patience Wait says:

I love the piece in every dimension but one – “if you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it.”

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