The Work
12 May 2010

Updated: 5/15/22

Episodic Works

Analytical Drawings

Individual Works

Print Editions 

True Artist series with Exhibition A
What is an Artist?  (available through Bert Green Fine Art)
What is Art?  (available through Platform Gallery
Ars Magica


A Privilege, 2018
In Dialog: Ben Davis and William Powhida, 2035, 2017
Bill by Bill, MoCA TV 2014
Powhida Exit Interview, 2011
POWHIDA trailer, 2009
Sofia Coppola’s POWHIDA, 2007

Sketch Archives 

In progress


Condition Report, 2022, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford College, PA 

Possibilities for Representation2021, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles

Twenty Twenty, 2020, The Aldrich Contemporary Museum of Art 
Possibilities for Representation

Complicities, 2019, Postmasters Gallery

On the Contemporary, 2018, Gallery Poulsen 

After After the Contemporary, 2018, Charlie James Gallery 

After the Contemporary (virtual walkthrough)
Installation Images,  2017, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Art on Paper Bozar2106, Charlie James Gallery

Grayscale, 2016, Postmasters Gallery

Month2Month (with Jennifer Dalton), 2016,  Produced by MoreArt

Mediations, 2015, Charlie James Gallery

Dear Copenhagen, 2015, Gallery Poulsen

Notes from Mexico, 2014, Casa Maauad,

Unretrsopective, 2014, Platform Gallery, Kendall College of Art and Design

Overculture, 2014, Postmasters Gallery

Expo Chicago: Bill by Bill, 2013, Charlie James Gallery

Bill by Bill, 2013, Charlie James Gallery 

Bellum Omnes Contra Omnium, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen with Jade Townsend

Derivatives, 2011, Postmasters Gallery

POWHIDA, 2011, Marlborough Gallery 

Ars Magica, 2010, Lower East Side Printshop

No One Gets Out Of Here Alive, 2009, Charlie James Gallery, LA

The Writing Is On The Wall, 2009, Schroeder Romero Gallery

Pulse Miami, 2008, Schroeder Romero Gallery

The Bastard: Sell Out Tour, 2008, Platform Gallery, Seattle, WA

Aqua Art Miami, 2007, Platform Gallery

A Study for Sofia Copolla’s Film: Powhida, 2007, Haines Gallery, San Francisco, CA

This Is A Work Of Fiction, 2007, Schroeder Romero Gallery, NY

James Drawings, The Back of the Line, Published by Decode, Inc.

Everyone!, Dam Stuhltrager Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2005

Persona, Dam Stuhltrager Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2004

Early Work, 1997-2003 A difficult period of little or no recognition

Projection, Hypertext, 1997, Salt Hill Joural


Month2Month with Jennifer Dalton produced by More Art 

New New Berlin with Jade Townsend, 2014 at  Galveston Artist Residency

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes with Jade Townsend, 2012 at Gallery Poulsen and 2013 at Freight and Volume

#rank  with Jennifer Dalton, 2010 at Seven Art Fair, Miami.

ABMB Hooverville with Jade Townsend, 2010 at PULSE New York with Charlie James Gallery.

#class with Jennifer Dalton, 2010 at Edward Winkleman Gallery

The Lemonade Stand with Jade Townsend, 2008-09 at NADA County Affair, PULSE Miami, and Socrates Sculpture Park.

William Powhida
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